FAQ - Chad Millar Photography - Bloomington/Normal Photographer

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: “I have a camera on my phone and I take lots of pictures of my kids/family. Why would I hire a professional to do something I can already to myself?”

A: There are so many things to manage and consider when taking a great picture… composition, lighting, posing, post-processing, etc. When you hire a photographer, you are hiring an EXPERT in all of those areas. Why not leave all those details for ME to worry about so you can just enjoy what’s most important to YOU, which is your loved ones!”

Q: “I’ve never hired a photographer because I’ve heard they are expensive. Is it really worth it?”

A: Your family, friends, and pets (if you have them) are the most important things in your life. Hiring someone to capture a few special moments/memories of the most important things in your life is the greatest investment you could ever make. All my prints/products are made with professional-quality materials which means they will last far longer than any television, computer, home appliance or vehicle that you currently own today.  So, yes, it is really worth it!  Besides, if pictures weren’t so valuable, why does everyone say it’s the first thing they would try to save in a house fire?

Q: “What sets you apart from other photographers?”

A: I feel that what sets me apart as a photographer is my unique set of life-experiences. As a photographer, you often have to “instruct” your subjects, and I have a great deal of experience “instructing” as I taught high school mathematics for 10 years before making the full-time transition to photography. As a result of my teaching experience, I have a very good rapport with kids and especially those ever-challenging teenagers. ☺

In addition to teaching, I also volunteered for a number of years at an animal shelter, working with and photographing the animals to help increase adoption rates. Here you can find examples of my dog photography.  

In the end, I feel that my unique set of experiences, combined with my passion and skill of photography are what set me apart from other photographers in the area.  Above all, I make sure that my client has FUN throughout the entire experience... because what good is it if you're not having fun!

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